Book a Treatment

Book a Treatment

A complimentary new-age singing telegram.

We invite you to put in a request for Daniela to call and sing to someone you know. Bring a mystic mood to someone you care about. Think openly about possible applications/occasions, joyous or un-glad alike.

You can also put in a request for yourself – we think that is just fine.

What to Expect

Your phone will ring. If you don’t answer it, you will have a forever-message from Snowblink on your voicemail. If you answer it, Daniela will say hello to you. Then she will sing to you. Then she will say goodbye.


If you are sending a treatment to a friend of yours please inform your friend to expect the call and familiarize them with what to expect.

We will not answer any questions or engage in any conversation beyond salutations while on the call.

If you are moved to sing with Daniela during the call, please do.

We will do our best to answer every request in a timely manner, but we cannot guarantee specific dates at this time.

Book a Treatment

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